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June 14th 2009 - Sunday 10:55pm Leave a comment

One on One with "The Show Stopper" Allen Tippen

The fact that I was impressed by the person I have chosen for this article is truly an under statement indeed. When Christy Hudson of the AMP Series sent me the link to Allen Tippen's interview in my email, the thought did not cross my mind that I would be listening to this 13-year racing veteran has logged many miles from Texas, to Alabama. As I listen to the Minden, LA driver, I noticed a guy that truly loves dirt track racing, does a great deal, with what he has and made the most of what he has at hand.

and I talked about one of his biggest moments in his career, when he won a 100 lap $5000.00 to win race down in the Houston, Texas area in 2006. Allen told me that this is the biggest race of his career to date, and this to me shows that Allen has to be one the top drivers in this part of the country. In addition, I believe that after a 2007 race season where he won 1 feature, and finished 2nd in points with the OReilly Supr Dirt Late Model Series, he will have a break out 2008 race season where he will follow all 19 races with the AMP (SUPER) Dirt Late Model Series.

Moreover, some of Allen's other accomplishments include track championships in 1996 at Bayou Speedway along with the 96 Madness on the Bayou, in 99 won the Boothill State Championship, 2001 at Champion Park. He won 4 Supr late model series wins to go with a 9th place finish in the points.

Oh yea, I will say to all my reads to get to a race this year to see what I believe will be an action packed race season. This season will not be a let down with drivers like Allen competing in the AMP (SUPER) Dirt Late Model Series, as well as at a track near you when he is not running the AMP Series. Furthermore, if you do not have a favorite driver, and want to have a driver that will put on a good show, I would suggest pulling for Allen this up coming race season.

In addition, Allen pointed out to me he would not be able to do what he has done without his dad, (Mr. Troy Tippen.) In addition, Allen added that he felt it was an honor to follow after his father, which is always there for him to make sure, Allen is ready to go and has everything he needs to go compete at the highest level possible so Allen is as successful as possible each time he hits the track. Oh yea, let me say something at this point, and I do not want my reads to overlook in this article.

and his dad are another example of what this sport is all about to me, and do not get me wrong there are other examples as well I have and will write about. However, this story reminds me of the guy and his dad that taught me a lot about dirt track racing when I was young. Therefore, the reason I bring this up is that I see a guy that has taken very little and done some awesome things with what he has to work with when he drives onto the track. Therefore, if you are a fan without a driver to pull for, or a businessperson looking for someone that would be a fine marketing partner, Allen is well worth looking into.

Nevertheless, with that said, Allen will be ready for the season and looks forward to get his new GRT 71A Late Model for this upcoming season with the AMP (SUPER) Dirt Late Model Series. Furthermore, Allen pointed out how he was happy to know he was so warmly received by Christy Hudson the promoter of the AMP (SUPER) Late Model Series, he also added that this meant a lot to him, that she stayed in touch with him. Although when he has a chance, he will be at a race that makes scents to get to when he is not racing with the AMP (SUPER) Late Model Series.

Finally, Allen would like to thank the following sponsors: Troy Tippen Racing, Smith's Towing and Xtreme Graphics.

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