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Xtreme Dimensions Car Club

  Founder/President:  Keith aka "boodro" - 1996 GMC Jimmy
  Vice President & Co-Founder:  Mac aka "macattack86" - 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Sport Coupe
  Vice President:  Steven aka "stevenaj89" - 2007 Toyota Tacoma
  Board Manager:  Brandon
  Listed:  Sunday, April 25th 2010
Xtreme Dimensions
XTREME DIMENSIONS was born in October 2007, in Anderson SC, by three friends that had passion for the car scene.  They grew up together and shared a special bond for creating unique rides.  When Xtreme Dimensions first started, they recruited friends they have met over the years.  Within a year, Xtreme Dimensions were in Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee and had over 40 members.  But here recently, they decided to cut back and become a family rather than just a sticker on a glass.

The Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee eventually fell apart and disappeared but the Core Chapter remained.  Currently, we have only 7 dedicated members that show their true passion for the car scene.  We have become a family and good friends.  We don't accept entry fees and the club is more about the person rather than the ride.  We don't critize other rides because everyone has different taste and that is what makes up the custom world.

We enjoy going to local shows like, Blood Drag, Southeast Showdown, Spring Bling, and local part stores shows.  This year we are going to be going to bigger shows, like Nopi and others.  Members have received many awards like Best of, Top 5, SPL competition, etc.  We would like to start up other chapters across the United States, to represent Xtreme Dimensions.  If you would like to start a chapter in your area, let us know.  We used to be on Car Domain, but have soon found out about AutoLog and have moved to here.  This is our new home online, and we plan to stay!!!  Our goal is to become the finest car and truck club.

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