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2004 Hyundai Avante XD
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2004 Hyundai Avante XD
ModelAvante XD
LocationRichmond, NC
Ex. ColorSterling
In. ColorGrey
Transmission5 speed
Horse PowerNot enough
Engine Size2.0
MileageToo many

My URL: http://www.theautolog.com/maxpsidrift-1

Member: maxpsidrift
Male, 22 years old
Last Login: September 22nd, 2014
Member since: November 26th, 2007

Member of: No Contest Car Club

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About Me

I play Xbox LIVE, [My Gamertag is: The ReNeGaDe699]

I like to hang out with friends, Work on anything with wheels, ride quads, I love any car, No matter the model.

They all deserve a good home, and an appreciative owner. My Elantra was neglected, Now its babied.


Working again, Woohoo!

I love my "Jynx" and wish that she got more positive attention

That pretty much sums up me, If you would like to know more about me, Feel free to message me!


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General Vehicle Comments

Jynx had 78,000 miles when I bought her.

She's been through hell and high water.

ElantraXD forum banner/Hyundai Aftermarket banner:

Accessories & Modifications



B&M Short throw shifter

7 color LED dome light


Tenzo R 17x7 DC5 rims

205/40ZR17 Yokohama S-Drive tires

KDM Clear Side Markers

Road Runs Grill

Chrome Hood Piece [Soon to be painted Gun metal Grey]

Tinted tail lamps


8000K HID system

Blue city lights



Power Accoustic BAMF series 2000W amplifier
Power Accoustic 12's (2)


Short ram intake

Custom painted valve cover

Chrome breather filter

OBX 4-2-1 Headers

Recently replaced the 2.0L with 97K miles for a 2.0L with 46K miles.

Transmission: ACT stage 2 clutch kit


Springtech springs & KYB struts

The above is the kit I am trying to find, and order...EF used to carry it, Now it is no longer listed. [Marked as a "Rare" find]
Vehicle Showcase
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Featured Profile: Dec 11th, 2008 For sale: $6,000 User: maxpsidrift Horse Power: Over-rated! Tires: Yokohama S-Drive 205/40ZR17 Wheels: Tenzo R Exhaust System: 2 3/4 Engine Mods: Manifold Coolant bypass, Slave cyl mod Body Mods: RoadRuns grill, Removed badges, Clear side markers Stereo: JVC KD-A605 Lights: 8000K HID Oil: 5w/30 Comments: Got the Jattus stage 2 turbo kit on hold for when the cash flow comes in again.Build your own AutoStats!

Bulletin Board


Old school vs New school: New school wins
Participant at car show: Elantra

Better looking engine bay: Elantra

Best wheels: Elantra

Crushed Cavalier or Elantra: Elantra

Better gas mileage: Elantra

Elantra or Eclipse: Elantra

Which would you rather own: Elantra

Which rims: Ours

Green or Silver: Silver

Slowest lady getter: Elantra

Safari or Elantra: Elantra

Which wheels: Ours

Better wheels?: Ours

All black or gunmetal with chrome lip: Gunmetal with chrome lip

Better Wheels?: Ours

Which black wheels: Ours

Silver or Purple: Silver

Better rims: Mine [Sorry Hamster!]

Best MPG: Ours

Best look: Silver and Gunmetal or White and Chrome: Silver and Gunmetal!

Better rims: Ours

Better front shot: Ours

Hotter?: Ours

Better subs?: Ours

Which model is most likely to end up with pneumonia?: My fiance <333

Better looking model: My fiance. <333
Future Plans
Body work
Two tone paint job with red pinstripe to seperate colors
Rebuilding head
Re-time and port & polish

Scale of 1-10, how into cars are you?99
What is your favorite type of Car?Hyundai
What is the next car you plan on getting?Genesis 3.8L Track
What is your dream car?Dodge Cummins
What is your favorite race track?Nurburgring
Who is your favorite race car driver?Dale Earnhardt Sr.
What is your favorite car event?Car shows/Bass comps
Scale of 1-10, how into motorcycles are you?10
What is your favorite type of Bike?GSXR
What is the next bike you plan on getting?GSXR 750
What is your dream bike?GSXR1000
Foreign or Domestic?I'm a fan of both.
Lifting or Lowering?Depends on vehicle
Tinted or Clear windows?Tinted
Spinners or no spinners?No spinners
Looks or performance?Performance, First
864 Comment(s)
1955 Dodge Pickup
August 8th, 2012 08:27:11 AM
Just been living life man, hope all has been good on your end.... Guess you could say Im taking a break from car shows and taking my stuff to new levels etc...
2000 Chevy Blazer LT
April 17th, 2012 05:37:37 PM
Hey Bro...Check out my Photoshop Pix
2011 Subaru Wrx Sti
December 5th, 2011 11:38:01 PM
hey buddy ..good to see you still around ..lol ...how have you been ...geez its kinda quiet around her now days lol ...any new projects planned ??
2011 Subaru Wrx Sti
November 17th, 2011 10:19:42 PM
heeey buddy ..love the profile pic ..who is she ?/ lol ...hopoe ur still around Frank
1986 Chevy Monte Carlo
July 30th, 2011 09:35:14 AM
Are u still driving the elantra ?
2003 Audi A4 18T Quattro
May 29th, 2011 08:00:34 PM
Ahaha. Gas companies love drivers like us.

2000 Chevy Silverado
May 14th, 2011 10:15:48 PM
sup hoe lol
1997 Ford F150
May 3rd, 2011 12:10:29 AM
not much man. how about you? how is everything going?
1997 Ford Thunderbird
April 7th, 2011 08:44:05 AM
Not much going on. Just takeing a break from work for a minute.
2000 Pontiac sunfire se
April 5th, 2011 10:24:31 PM
lol you to i dont think iv driven mine in reverse fast
April 5th, 2011 04:53:41 PM
just idling around-
2003 Nissan  Sentra ser spec v
April 5th, 2011 01:14:01 PM
lol i dont understand that challenge, but i took it!
2003 Nissan  Sentra ser spec v
April 5th, 2011 01:09:41 PM
lol sounds like fun! good luck with that. I forgot ya had a baby on the way. got a name picked out yet? Thats gonna make it tought to go to shows too, unless ya got a woman that loves ya and dont mind watchin him for a day by herself.
2003 Nissan  Sentra ser spec v
April 5th, 2011 09:19:25 AM
not much buddy, enjoying the nice weather when it shows itself. lol throwing together a system for the sentra when i can afford it, and spending alot of time with family.works kinda at a slow point, so we`re workin 4hr days. but i get to spend more time with my 4 and 2 yr olds lol. how are things for you?
1950 Chevrolet Fat Rat
March 30th, 2011 12:54:16 PM
One day at a time. Like I said in my bulletin, Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass,
It's about learning to dance in the rain. My causin said this and its so true.
2007 Hyundai Tiburon
March 26th, 2011 10:58:35 AM
Doing good working lot. try save up lambo hinges on. how thing with Avante?
2003 Nissan  Sentra ser spec v
March 23rd, 2011 12:38:35 PM
ok, i'd hate to join if im only gonna make 1 or 2 shows a year with you guys though. let me know when ya come out colombus way and and come out and enter with you guys and chill
1992 Chevy S-10RY
March 23rd, 2011 09:46:13 AM
Hell yeah man well hopfuly you can get some pictures up i would love to see it
1980 Chevy El Camino SS
March 22nd, 2011 04:11:15 PM
yeah that is but how many you getting?
2003 Nissan  Sentra ser spec v
March 22nd, 2011 03:14:45 PM
sup buddy, I cant read about your club at work, so i'll have to read later at my parents. where do you guys mainly cruise to shows? what area of Ohio?
1980 Chevy El Camino SS
March 22nd, 2011 01:07:23 PM
thats cool
1992 Chevy S-10RY
March 22nd, 2011 01:03:29 PM
Hell yeah what class do you run in?

Yeah im hoping i can stay competitive in my class im sorta the underdog because its a truck. but i beat a 5.7 2000ish gto so that should be a good sign
1992 Chevy S-10RY
March 22nd, 2011 12:55:33 PM
It was my 3rd one, 1st one of this season though.
1980 Chevy El Camino SS
March 22nd, 2011 08:46:50 AM
nothing much at all waitting for some parts to get here for the malibu wagon
1992 Dodge Dakota
March 20th, 2011 08:45:41 AM
Not much, just waiting to find out what is wrong w/my redneck man. Mostly working. Hopefully some play time soon.
1996 chevy cavalier rs
March 18th, 2011 08:58:36 AM
wheres n smurf....shyt..run run run foo
1950 Chevrolet Fat Rat
March 17th, 2011 01:37:56 PM
Read my latest bulletin for the newest news.

2008 Audi RS4
March 15th, 2011 12:46:00 PM
Yea just the one, over a year old almost now.... Dyno'd just over 300 AWHP, which is right on par with drivetrain loss. (420 stock)
2007 Hyundai Tiburon
March 10th, 2011 08:41:41 AM
Hey what man how are you? how thing with Avante?
1991 geo tracker
November 4th, 2010 01:06:44 PM
hey man just stoping in to see how everything is goin.
1980 Chevy El Camino SS
October 15th, 2010 10:19:43 PM
.. width="480" height="385">.. name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/H1TDDIX8Cmo?fs=1&hl=en_US">.. name="allowFullScreen" value="true">.. name="allowscriptaccess" value="always">..>
1996 chevy cavalier rs
August 26th, 2010 10:35:17 PM
dewing it up 1 can/bottle at an time
1980 Chevy El Camino SS
June 30th, 2010 11:25:15 PM


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2009 Pontiac G8 GT
June 7th, 2010 10:24:22 AM
Hey! I just remembered somthing, if you are still plannin on comin' down to Arizona this year, Pinks All Out will be having a show here in Novemeber I belive. That would deff. be fun to go to, I'm not sure that you would want to race in it, but to go watch it at least!
1994 Saturn SL1
June 1st, 2010 12:37:49 AM
That, or they run them until they die. It's the same thing with most J body cars, they were cheap and last 20 years, so why bother getting a new ride? And the SC2 I want isn't even desirable... no sun roof, manual transmission, no third door, no AC, doesn't even need a radio. You would THINK something like that is commonly sold, but no luck. How's life on your end?
1994 Saturn SL1
June 1st, 2010 12:29:50 AM
Not too much. Just sort of bummed that I missed the Jack and Jim's car show today, it was my first show and may have been my last opportunity with this car. Oh well. The trading game isn't going so hot either. I'm trying to trade my car for a decent SC2 or modern pony/muscle car, but some people think their chassis is made out of gold with the prices they're asking lol
2001 GMC Sierra 1500
May 31st, 2010 11:06:53 PM
well i hope that works out for you man... military has done me well
1972 Chevrolet Nova
May 31st, 2010 10:05:06 PM
Not a whole lot. Just been hangin out a working.
1988 Chevy Beretta
May 31st, 2010 10:02:15 PM
lol nice. why not door too?
2001 GMC Sierra 1500
May 31st, 2010 07:03:57 PM
damn that sucks... im working for the military
1980 Chevy El Camino SS
May 31st, 2010 04:25:09 PM
LMMFAO!!!!import= shopping cart!!
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