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2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
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2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
ModelEclipse GT
LocationStroudsburg, PA
Ex. ColorSilver
In. ColorBlack Leather
Horse Power205 HP
Engine SizeV6

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Member: raptor
Male, 19 years old
Last Login: January 8th, 2008
Member since: September 15th, 2007

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About Me

I also make rap music so if your interested please go check out www.myspace.com/raptor570

ok now that that is out of the way lol

takein right from the give me some ideas to write about area....

I first got interested in cars and the Mitsubishi company back in 1996 my dad went to a car dealership to check out a car and I saw the 96 Eclipse in some goldish color and was hooked from there. My first car was of course a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse it was red though. That car didnt last very long, timing belt skiped and mr. know it all tow truck driver helped blow the engine from there. The fastest ive ever driven was 125 MPH in my current Eclipse GT then i got scared and backed off. The funnest and scariest thing were at the same time I had a personal time attack to get down a mountain on snowy weather because the pizza place was about to close in 8 minutes and I MADE IT! As far as car events ive been to I went to nopi pitt as a spectator. thats about it though.
General Vehicle Comments
Got the car in september of 2007 after selling my 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The car needed a little bit of TLC when I got it but after about a grand just getting it back up to par Im now going to focus on making some modifications to it

Accessories & Modifications
All stock right now but getting ready for modifications
Vehicle Showcase
Once again nothing
Future Plans

Scale of 1-10, how into cars are you?7
What is your favorite type of Car?Tuners
What is the next car you plan on getting?Mitsubishi Evolution
What is your dream car?Acura NSX
What is your favorite car event?Drift
Scale of 1-10, how into motorcycles are you?5
What is your favorite type of Bike?Suzuki
What is the next bike you plan on getting?None
What is your dream bike?Hayabusa
Foreign or Domestic?Foreign
Lifting or Lowering?Lowering
Street Racing or Drag Racing?Street
NASCAR or FORMULA 1?Formula 1
Tinted or Clear windows?Tinted
Spinners or no spinners?No
Looks or performance?Equal
4 Comment(s)
1998 chevrolet camaro
December 6th, 2007 06:53:27 AM
yea its supposedly the #1 highest insurance because that car is made just to race
1998 chevrolet camaro
December 5th, 2007 09:14:46 PM
insurance is outrageous for the evo
1998 chevrolet camaro
December 5th, 2007 09:03:12 PM
lol so what kind of mods you gonna do to ur car
1998 chevrolet camaro
December 5th, 2007 08:32:26 PM
thanks man u got a nice eclipse

i have no idea i never tried to put it on my myspace
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