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Etched in Stone
Name: Etched in Stone
Address: 4934 Terrace Ave
Tel:(707) 263-8035
In business:7 years
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Hours:weekends by appointment only
Last Login: November 2nd, 2008
Member since: February 13th, 2008
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About us
Photo etchings, sandcarved into stone are my current focus. The media used is primarily, imported Italian white marble, antique-beige marble, or other colors and species of stone. These creations result in high contrast, permanent, etchings of classic or custom automobiles and motorcycles.

Custom etchings begin with (preferably)a .jpeg (or other format) image provided by you via e-mail or they can photographed for you. All that is needed is a high quality image which will then be converted to a black and white proof for review and approval. Upon approval the work begins.

Please keep in mind that in converting to high contrast, black and white imagery, the middle (grey) tones go away such that the resulting image, while photographic, is representational, not an absolute photographic image with all tonal ranges intact.

The process lends itself to high detail imagery, large expanses of sheet metal will likely be disappointing; see sample images.

The image is first converted to a relatively large (usually 12" x 12") photo negative which matches the dimensions of the typical etching media (the stone).

From there it becomes a darkroom process whereby the image is made into a photo- resist that is selectively sandblast resistant and the etching is carefully sandcarved into the stone.

The permanence of stone is appealing as it can be inlaid into a bar, counter tops or entry floors, and is as durable as any stone flooring or counter-top surface.

Typically, the etching is provided with a chromed metal frame for wall hanging or table top display. Other options are available on request.

Our tools & equipment
Canon digital camera
Epson Stylus Pro 3800 archival quality printer
nuArc 26-1K Exposure Module with 1000 watt light source
air compressor
sandblast cabinet
We specialize in:
In addition to the photo-etchings described above and, having an extensive photographic background, large format, archival vivid color prints are also available. These color (or B&W) prints are made using a high quality Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer capable of images of poster-size using Epson UltraChrome, K3 ink.

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